Python library and software suite for nzxt devices

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Currently, CAM4LINUX has to be installed manual. I will push a systemd service file and an PKGBUILD for ArchLinux soon!


Configuration is very simple! It follows a JSON like style!
The standart config is placed unter /etc/cam4linux/config.json.
Example config:

# CAM4LINUX example config file!
# Project home is right here:

# Let's add a new device!
# "Grid+" can be replaced by any UTF-8 formated string!
"Grid+": {
	"type": "grid",        # The device type
	"port": "/dev/ttyACM0" # Port (check dmesg when plugging in the Grid)

Query devices

Currently the only way is via It acts like the sensor command of lm_sensors and includes a basic interface to control fan speeds:

usage: [-h] [--device DEVICE [DEVICE ...]] [--addr ADDR]
                     [--port PORT] [--set SET] [--value VALUE]
                     [--ports PORTS [PORTS ...]]


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --device DEVICE [DEVICE ...]
                        Select device
  --addr ADDR           Custom IP
  --port PORT           Custom Port
  --set SET             Set value for device
  --value VALUE         Value to set
  --ports PORTS [PORTS ...]
                        Select output ports