About me & this site/blog

What’s this all about?

Hi there! I’m Matthias, 20 years old, living in Germany and studying computer science. There isn’t much more to say about me. I love what I am doing and am constantly working on several small and large projects which I will document here. As I am switching to another university, I have a semester free time which I will use to pick some entries on my todo list and work on them. Some projects/posts will be about general computer stuff, some about my experience with watercooling, some hardware projects, 3D printing and astro photography. By the way - xvzf is my user name. tar xvzf was the first linux command which I used the most (ironic, right?), so that became my token.

Tech stuff

This blog is based on Jekyll - basically a static site generator. I first wanted to use a well known CMS for this project - but I litteraly hate PHP and web developing in general which lead me to use Jekyll! The theme is based on BlackDoc by Karlo Espiritu. Thanks for the awesome theme! I just changed the font and the colors to suit the Numix project. The server is running ArchLinux with the latest LTS kernel. ArchLinux is my goto linux distribution - I use it for everything!

The first few things to happen

I have several projects as a starting point - However I will hold back a little until my exams are finished! The first “large” project is in a alpha state and called CAM4LINUX. But more on that later! A detailed article on golem.de will follow on this topic also, which might get things started here!